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I am watercolor artist. I have veered from traditional painting using brushes, paper and paint to using the computer. My tools now are digital brushes, software, and a digital tablet.

I am now able to paint more of what I see in my mind's eye and enjoy the instant gratification.
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Monday, February 21, 2011

This is Charlie

After my last dog died, I said I would never do it again. Well... I did. It wasn't a full year before I started missing having a dog in the house. So, the search began and we finally found one at a dog foster home in Snellville, Ga. Now, you got to really want a pooch badly to drive from Ellijay to Snellville. He's a cross between a Wire Haired Terrier and a Beagle. So, we thought hummmm.. small dog. He now weighs 44 lbs. I think he also was bionically crossed with a shredder. If he wasn't so cute, he'd be dead.


Eva said...

LOL, what a cutie! I would love to have one, but my taking care of people and pets days are over. Your link on my blog worked!

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