About my Images

I am watercolor artist. I have veered from traditional painting using brushes, paper and paint to using the computer. My tools now are digital brushes, software, and a digital tablet.

I am now able to paint more of what I see in my mind's eye and enjoy the instant gratification.
I hope you enjoy this site.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Choose Me

This watercolor collage is from 3 different original images. I got the idea when I was on one of my photo hikes. There was a flower (not this one) amidst several fern fronds and it appeared to be saying "Choose Me !" It stuck out so much from its surroundings that you couldn't help but notice it.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Road Less Traveled

This collage is from an original photograph with digital painting. I like to go on impromptu photo hikes near my home. This image is a result of ideas that came to me as I was shooting. You never can find the exact shot that will conform with your thoughts, but you find something that offers a springboard to a really good image.

Photo hike

This is a collage of a few images I shot earlier this week. I love seeing the changes of the seasons with the old and the new on the same plant. Also I was able to capture a tree monster. The springing forth of fern fronds is a reminder from childhood of seeing time lapse photography of plants unfolding from seedlings. Then there is the ubiquitous summer bag worm nests in tree after tree.