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I am watercolor artist. I have veered from traditional painting using brushes, paper and paint to using the computer. My tools now are digital brushes, software, and a digital tablet.

I am now able to paint more of what I see in my mind's eye and enjoy the instant gratification.
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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Don't take my baskets

This photo was shot outside Chattanooga at a small unattended fruit stand. The south is known for people being trust worthy. We never locked our doors as a child. The note reads... "I will be back shortly. Please get what you need and put the money in the box on the pole. Please don't take my cups - bags are on the end of the tomato table. Please don't exchange tomatoes to get the size you want or need. Thank you for stopping and God Bless You. Linda
Please Don't Take My Baskets

Is that not neat?


Susan said...

Yes, very neat! I recently saw something similar, some wood crafts on the sidewalk table, 'put your money in the box'. A trusting blast from the past.

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