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I am watercolor artist. I have veered from traditional painting using brushes, paper and paint to using the computer. My tools now are digital brushes, software, and a digital tablet.

I am now able to paint more of what I see in my mind's eye and enjoy the instant gratification.
I hope you enjoy this site.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Lilly Triad

Time has three phases — past, present and future.The nature of the human being consists of three distinct levels — body, mind and soul. Thought, word and deed complete the sum of human capability.

This image was digitally painted from a photo I shot in my front yard. I am a watercolorist and choosing this style of digital painting allows me to move into more creative directions than just using natural brushes and pigments. The composition of the flowers keep the eye moving about the image for a very pleasing visual experience.


Susan said...

"Very pleasing visual experience" indeed! I do not know what you mean by digital painting, but I like it!

Also love the first paragraph also, are you a writer too?

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